Progressive Lenses

Lens Materials

Progressive Addition Lenses feature a continuous, clear field of vision from distance through mid range to near. Progressives are designed to suit your everyday lifestyle. A progressive disguises the bifocal portion of your glasses because there is no visible line.

Ask any of our American Board of Opticianry Certified Opticians which progressive lens is best suited for your prescription as well as your visual needs throughout the day. We offer a large assortment of progressive lenses available in almost any frame design.

Some of the progressives we offer are:

AO b Active
Definity Short
HoyaLux GP Wide
HoyaLux Summit ECP
HoyaLux Summit CD
Kodak Precise
Shamir Piccolo
Shamir Genesis
Sola Percepta
Varilux Comfort
Varilux Panamic
Varilux Ellipse
Varilux Liberty
Varilux Physio
Varilux Physio 360
Younger Image
Zeiss Gradal Top
Zeiss GT2