At the Michigan College of Optometry, we are taking an active role in complying with                     HIPAA. HIPAA calls for controlling protected health information of patients. In order to
comply with HIPAA s Privacy Rule, it is the policy of MCO to obtain a signed patient                      authorization before disclosure of protected health information, except in those circumstances      in which HIPAA does not require such an authorization.

It is a policy of MCO to provide every patient with MCO's Notice of Privacy Practices                        (see below).

Notice of Privacy Practices:

Ferris Breach Notification Policy:

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act-(HIPAA)

University Eye Center HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures 2014


 Additional Forms:

Request for Additional Restrictions


Request for an Accounting of Disclosures


Reqest for Confidential Communications


Request to Amend


Request to Inspect and Copy