Computer/Variable Focus Lenses

Lens Materials

In this technological era, many hours a day are spent concentrating on a computer screen. Computer lenses are now available to ease the strain caused by continuous computer use.

All of these lenses are designed for better vision when working with a computer. Available in 3 different designs:

1.  Gradal RD (Zeiss)

  • Clear Vision Up to 10 feet.
  • Twice the reading area of progressives
  • Four times the intermediate area as progressives. 

2.  Interview (Essilor, takes the place of the Readable)

  • Ideal for all presbyopes who require little or no distance correction.
  • Vision is sharp across the whole working space.
  • No distance prescription, not recommended for driving.

3.  Access (Sola)

  • Clear, uninterrupted vision from reading distance up to 10 feet
  • Midrange area is as large as near area
  • Built in scratch resistance