The faculty at MCO is dedicated to the clinical and personal success of its students. The top priority for each faculty member is the student first, followed by other personal interests or research endeavors. Keeping up with the latest advances in diagnostic and management techniques gives students at MCO the most current information in the eye care field. This translates from the classroom to the clinic, where students are able to learn from the wide base of knowledge and expertise of the faculty. Many of the instructors have specialty training in specific areas which they use to facilitate a complete educational experience for optometry students and interns. 


Jamie Brady Sara Bush Amy Dinardo Sarah Hinkley
James Brady, MEd Sara Bush, OD Amy Dinardo, OD, MBA, FAAO Sarah Hinkley, OD, FCOVD


Alison Jenerou Lillian Kalaczinski Josh Lotoczky Dean Luplow
Alison Jenerou, OD Lillian Kalaczinski, OD Josh Lotoczky, OD, FAAO Dean Luplow, OD


Brian McDowell Paula McDowell Jim Miller Bruce Morgan
Brian McDowell, OD Paula McDowell, OD, FAAO James Miller, OD, FAAO Bruce Morgan, OD, FAAO


John Pole Joe Pole Avesh Raghunandan Vandana Rajaram
John Pole, OD, MS, FAAO Joseph Pole, PhD Avesh Raghunandan, OD, PhD, FAAO Vandana, Rajaram, OD, PhD, FAAO


Chad Rosen Mark Swan Phil Walling Dan Wrubel
Chad Rosen, OD, FAAO Mark Swan, OD, MEd,  FAAO Philip E. Walling, OD, FAAO Daniel Wrubel, OD