Debbie Carley
Debbie Carley

Academic Advisor
Office: B-H 303A
Phone: (231) 591-2707
E-mail Address:


Debbie Carley is a graduate of Ferris State University’s Television & Digital Media and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has worked for Ferris State University for over 20 years. Her interests in social justice, political and world events, other cultures,  the environment, film, acting, writing, music and art has led to several positions within the University where she has served in International Education as Study Abroad Coordinator, as well as Facilities Coordinator and adjunct faculty for Television & Digital Media.

She is originally from New York City where she worked in the theatre, advertising, publishing, and tourism industries.

She enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, yoga, reading, and spending time with family and good friends.

One of her favorite quotes from William Shakespeare and recently paraphrased by the late, great Steve Jobs is “be true to yourself”. She also believes to never, ever succumb to the mediocrity of the status quo.