Class Schedule Change (Drop/Add 4-Part Form)

Procedure to Add a Class

Students who wish to add classes after the initial drop/add period must go to their Student Academic Affairs Office to process a 4-part form.

Things to remember:

  1. There must either be available seats or a note from instructor giving permission to add the class or a note from instructor verifying that the student has been attending the class.
  2. The student must carry the 4-part form signed by the Dean s office to the Student Service Center to pay for the class and have it added to their schedule.

Procedure to Drop/Withdraw a Class

After the initial drop/add period, students may drop or withdraw from a class by going to the Student Academic Affairs Office and processing a 4-part form signed by the Dean s office. The last dates to drop a class and have it removed from the students schedule is posted in the Course Schedule Book.

Students may withdraw from a class and receive a grade of W through the ninth week of fall and winter semesters, as published in the Course Schedule Book, or the equivalent time period if the class meets on a different schedule. After that date, a grade of W may be given for a justifiable reason, as approved by the student s academic dean. Late withdrawal from a class without justifiable reason results in an F grade. Neglecting to drop a class through the Dean s Office also results in an F grade.

Off-campus students may call in a request to withdraw from a class, but they must follow up with a signed fax documenting their request. The fax should include their name, student number, semester, and the course(s) they wish to withdraw from.

Students requesting permission to withdraw or drop a class after the deadline must submit a written appeal to the Dean/Associate Dean. The form to do this is located in the COEHS Student Academic Affairs Office. Depending on the outcome of the appeal, the student will be notified of the decision and, if necessary, a 4-part form will be processed.