Teacher Certification Office


Certificate Applications:   

Applicant must contact Teacher Certification Office:
Phone:  231.591.3642
Email: MichelleKelenske@ferris.edu

State of Michigan Resources:

From Michigan Education Department, effective July 1, 2009:

ALL teachers wishing to advance their certificate from Provisional to Professional will need to complete a required course of "Students with Reading Difficulties". 
Ferris approved course is ERLA 533
Link to State approved courses:  HERE

If you are successfully admitted into the Certification Only Program, you must contact the Teacher Certification Office at (231) 591-3642 to apply for your registration date.

Contact Info:

Teacher Certification Officer:
Michelle Kelenske, MS
E-mail: MichelleKelenske@ferris.edu
Telephone 231-591-3642
Fax: 231-591-2043

Mailing Address:
Certification Office
Attn: Michelle Kelenske
College of Education & Human Services
Ferris State University
1349 Cramer Circle, BIS 416A
Big Rapids, MI 49307