How do I get a job in the Industry?

You need a 4-year degree in Software Engineering

Do your instructors have any Industry experience?

Each instructor has 20+ years experience in the Automotive industry, Entertainment Industry, Communications, Software Development Consulting, Business, and Perimeter Intrusion Detection.

What kind of tools do you use in DMSE?

Software Engineering is a very detailed career, and requires the use of many tools to produce quality and innovative software applications. All the software development tools that we use in the Digital Media Software Engineering curriculum are used by professional software engineers worldwide. Listed below are the tools that are used regularly to produce the quality that we demand from our students

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1Screenshot of Microsoft Visual Studio
  • C#
  • Tortoise SVN
  • cSharper
  • UnityScreenshot of Unity program
  • UDKScreenshot of UDK program
  • NUnit
  • CryEngine3
  • Microsoft Project
  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse
  • Silverlight
  • iPhone SDK

I am in high school. What courses should I take to prepare for college and the Industry?

To best prepare for Software Engineering, a prospective student should take classes in physics, pre-calculus, and computer programming classes.

I am going to a community college right now. Will my credits transfer?

We have transfer agreements with Michigan community colleges and many college credits are likely to transfer. If you are currently a community college student, contact a Ferris DMSE advisor to help you complete your transfer plan.

Where will I live? Do you have dorms?

We are an urban campus in the middle of a clean and safe mid-western USA city. While we don't have traditional dorms, we have a number of good convenient solutions for you. Just off our campus is ‘5 Lyon' whose managers will lease a bedroom or apartment to you and help match you up with roommates. Other students find housing in walking distance in the Victorian era ‘heritage hill' district. Others live nearby in traditional apartment complexes and drive a short distance to campus.