DAGD Digital Animation & Game DesignThe Ferris Frag Fest began with an idea, the idea that students and faculty needed some fun and relaxation at the end of the semester. The event was conceived in the fall of 2004 by Justin Plowman, a freshman just coming into the program at the time. The concept would remain just an idea until the fall of 2005 with the creation of the International Game Developers Association Ferris State University Game Development Club by Jennifer Bennett, of which Justin was a founding member. With the help of the IGDA the first Ferris Frag Fest took place at the end of the fall semester gathering students together with the promise of a competitive gaming tournament with prizes and the chance to take on the professors in the Frag Your Prof event.

With each passing semester the Ferris Frag Fest continues grow and prosper gaining new sponsorship from both local and national businesses. This year introduces two new events, The 24-hour Level Design Challenge and a Dance Dance Revolution event. The 24-hour Level Design Challenge pits teams of students against each other in a 24-hour race to design the best Unreal Tournament 2004 level. The winning level is used in the final round of the Frag Fest Tournament. This semester also features the evolution of the Frag Your Prof event into a team-based tournament featuring teams from the professors and the administration. The Ferris Frag Fest has become a tradition among both students and faculty and will continue to grow as an event well into the future.

Below you will find the hallowed names of past masters of the fine art of fragging. These individuals squashed the competition over round after round of frenzied combat to earn the right to have their name immortalized here. You will also find the names of our professors and administrators, those souls brave enough to jump in the gladitorial pits and mix it up with the students. All those named here, WE SALUTE YOU!

Name: Josh Mayle
Avatar: NxS
Frag Fest: 2006
Bio: Josh got mad skillz over the first year. He suprised everyone with some crazy moves, and took first place (although he did have to frag his dad a few times to get there).
Strategy: Super accuracy at super speeds.

Name: Joel Scott
Avatar: Log
Frag Fest: 2005
Bio: Wiped the floor with the competition. Seriously, he was like 25 kills ahead on the final match.
Strategy: Likes to play without a HUD or crosshair.

Name: Ward Avatar: Wardo
Strategy: Turns invisible, then shoots you in the back
Weapon: Flak Cannon
Efficiency: Warning shots are a good thing, right?
Bio: Ward owns an adrenaline farm in Uzbekistan, and can instantly receive a shipment mid-game.

Name: David
Avatar: Buzz
Strategy: Camps and snipes during instagib. Otherwise he lays down a deadly barrage of bullets into your face
Weapon: Minigun
Efficiency: Aim has improved significantly
Bio: David is a real.... buzzkill? bah da chha!

Name: Marty
Avatar: OnTheMoney
Strategy: Kill and Run, Snipe if possible
Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Efficiency: He needs to play more
Bio: Marty is the hidden final boss here at Ferris