Planning Prior to Transfer

It is very important that you begin preparation for your College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) major as early as possible in your academic career. It would be a costly mistake to focus on other goals to the exclusion of major preparation, for many reasons.

Plan for your Major BEFORE you Transfer

Preparation for your major is an important factor in getting admitted to CAS.

The Office of Admissions subjects each transfer application that meets minimum standards to a comprehensive review. This review assesses all students on their academic performance. Preparation for your intended major is specifically addressed in this review.

Many subjects at the College of Arts and Sciences have required prerequisites.

This is particularly true for science programs. For example, before you can take the introductory biology (BIOL 121)/chemistry sequence (CHEM 121) for science majors, you must have completed Math 115 and before you can take general chemistry (CHEM 121) you need to have completed one year of HS chemistry OR preparatory chemistry and intermediate algebra with a C- or better. All these courses can be taken at community colleges.

In addition many majors are sequential, meaning the courses must be taken in order, one per semester, at least for the first several semesters. If you transfer in with 60 credits of general education requirements completed and then start your major courses, you may have no requirements left to take along with them. This is a serious problem if you are receiving a type of financial aid (such as veterans benefits) for which you must take 12 credits of requirements each semester.