Planning Prior to Transfer

Plan for your General Education Requirements BEFORE you Transfer

Whether or not you complete an associate's degree, you will most likely take a number of courses before you transfer that will count toward FSU's general education requirements. Here are some important things to note when planning your courses prior to transfer.

Students who enter with an associate degree have NOT automatically satisfied the university's general education requirements; unless they have received a MACRAO stamp and then you may still have to meet some requirements.

Many courses required by a transfer associate degree will count toward FSU's general education requirements, but the degree does not automatically satisfy our requirements. After you transfer to the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), you will meet with an advisor who will determine how the courses you have already completed count toward CAS's graduation requirements.  You can also use the MyDegree audit to see how your credits have transferred into your program. Almost all transfer students will have some requirements yet to be completed. This is entirely acceptable. Students who start at CAS as freshmen are not expected, nor even encouraged, to complete their general education requirements in their first two years.

Plan your general education courses with your community college advisor.

Talk to your community college advisor about integrating the courses required for your CAS major or for the College of Pharmacy with the requirements of the academic associate degree; you can often select courses that will count toward the requirements of both.

If possible, try to complete any sequences before you transfer.

Because the organization of the material can vary from community college to community college, you may have trouble if you transfer in the middle of a sequence and not receive a direct equivalency for your class. Good examples of this are biology and chemistry. To see how your sequences will transfer, use the transfer equivalency page.