Drop and Add / Schedule Adjustment

Schedule adjustments involving the adding of a class are only allowed during the first four days of a semester. During the first four days of a semester, students may drop and add on computer through the Ferris Web page using the "MyFSU" or in person at the Student Services Center on the first floor of CSS. Computers are available on campus at any of the open computer labs including FLITE and in the reception area of the dean's office ASC 3052. Before dropping and adding, you must determine if the class you want to add still has seats available. Perform a search of appropriate class section options prior to dropping and adding classes.

If the class you desire is listed as full and there are no appropriate alternatives, you may go to the department responsible for that course and ask for an "override". If the registration system indicates you lack a prerequisite for the course that you think you do have, you may discuss this issue with the department responsible for the course. If you are able to obtain an override or are able to demonstrate an appropriate prerequisite, many departments can add the course to your schedule at their office. Please remember: You may be required to withdraw from your present class before adding your new selection and your new selection may have filled while doing this. There is no guarantee that you will be able to get back the original class you dropped, as it may be full by the time you try to add it back.

After the first four days of a semester, a student may not add a new course (or change sections of a course) without the approval of your dean's office. This is considered an appeal. In the College of Arts and Sciences, appeals are made in writing to the appeals committee through the counselor. If the appeal is approved, the student will be provided with a Class Schedule Change/Late Registration form. The student must take this form to the department offering the course to be added. If approval to add is also granted by the department, the student would take the signed form to the Student Service Center in CSS to complete the drop and add.

Students may withdraw from a course through the last date for a "W" grade for the semester as indicated in the "Registration and Academic Guide" for the semester located on the main MyFSU Page. Students must complete the appropriate form at their dean's office (ASC 3052 for Arts and Sciences students). You should consult your teacher and faculty advisor to determine the appropriateness of this action.

  • Make certain that dropping the class is necessary;
  • Make certain you need the new class for graduation from your program;
  • Make certain you have met all prerequisites for the new class.