Academic Assistance

Please do not feel you have to go through your college academic experience alone. All of us can need help at one time or another. Many of your fellow students seek assistance in their efforts to achieve in the classroom. Academic assistance is available to help you when you encounter difficulties in a course. You may receive this assistance either for a short time to get through a difficult concept or over a longer time because in general the coursework is difficult for you. Some of your options are listed below.

Your classroom teacher: All instructors should have office locations and hours detailed on their syllabus. They are available during these times to offer you assistance.

The Writing Center: Located in ASC 1017, the Writing Center is a free tutoring service provided by FSU to all students. The mission of the Writing Center is to help writers identify strengths and weaknesses in their writing, expose them to effective writing techniques, and help them acquire the ability to find and correct their own grammatical errors and improve their writing. The writing Center has specific times set aside to assist students on a walk in basis-first-come, first-served; or will schedule appointments with you. For more information or to make an appointment call ext. 2534.

The Academic Support Center: Located in ASC 1017, the Academic Support Center is a free tutoring service provided by FSU to all students. Tutors from various programs are available to assist students in many subjects. You may be tutored one-on-one or in groups depending upon the number of students requesting assistance. The Academic Support Center also provides instruction in study skills techniques, conducts workshops on topics of general concern, and has videos and computer programs to assist you in developing such topics as note-taking and preparing for exams. For more information call ext.3543.

Structured Learning Assistance Classes: Some courses are designed with a workshop component which provides directive study skills and learning strategies for that specific course. These courses have proven successful in helping students achieve higher grades in these subjects than the student might have earned on their own. For more information about SLA courses call ext.5947.

Educational and Career Counseling Center: Located in Starr 313, can help you with developing educational and career plans and with problems that may interfere with your academic success through a counseling appointment format or a workshop format. Educational Counseling can help you fine tune your educational goals; Life-Transition Counseling can assist you with balancing roles, time commitments and responsibilities; Strategies, is designed to identify academic problems through assessments and follow up counseling address identified concerns. Call ext. 3940.