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MUSIC 121:  Fundamentals of Music
2 Credits
Notation of pitch, meter, rhythm, ear training and sight singing, structure of all major and minor scales; key signatures, simple triad construction, and interpretation of chord symbols.  Application of these  

MUSIC 131:  Music for the Elementary Teacher
1 Credit
An introduction to music designed to provide the elementary classroom teacher with music terminology, fundamental music knowledge and the basic hands-on music skills necessary to allow the incorporation of music into general classroom activities.  Elementary Education students only

MUSIC 201:  Beginning Class Piano
3 Credits
The Piano Class objective is to provide basic music knowledge and basic hands on piano keyboard skills to the beginning student.  The student will be expected to understand, read, and perform (using both hands together) printed piano music and chords.  The student will become a functional sightreader at the piano. 

MUSIC 221:  Music Appreciation
3 Credits
Elements of music and historical developments of Western and non-Western music.  Designed to expand the music listening experience through awareness in technique of listening.  Listening and awareness of selected recordings, readings, and attending concerts.  No musical background necessary.  This course meets General Education requirements: Cultural Enrichment. 

MUSIC 228:  American Pop Music Since 1900
3 Credits
Popular music styles and forms that have developed through world culture stressing 20th century American music with emphasis on ethnic diversity including New Orleans Dixieland, Chicago Dixieland, the blues, ragtime, swing, small group and eclectic jazz styles, country and western, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, rap/hip hop, folk, the Broadway musical and the popular song.  This course meets General Education requirements: Cultural Enrichment.

MUSIC 232: Music & Culture
3 Credits
Fundamentals of listening (terminology, melody line, texture, harmony, etc.); the development of musical sound, historically; and listening to music of Western and non-Western civilizations that relates to ideas in life's experiences (nature, love, philosophy, etc.).  This course meets General Education requirements: Cultural Enrichment: Global Consciousness. 

MUSIC 301: Intermediate Piano
3 Credits 
Intermediate and advanced level piano class. Designed for students who have taken beginning piano or who have experience with piano. Provides advanced music knowledge. The student will be expected to understand, read, and perform advanced printed piano music and chords. Prerequisites: MUSI 201 Beginning Class Piano or permission of instructor. Typically Offered Fall and Spring.  

MUSIC 458:  Music Technology
3 Credits 
A survey of the development of music technology.  The class includes the study and application of sound reinforcement, electric instruments including guitar, bass, keyboards (synthesis), MIDI, recording techniques and equipment, and relevant psycho-acoustic phenomena.  This course meets General Education requirements: Cultural Enrichment.  Required for Music Industry Management majors. 


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