Scheduling an Appointment

To make an appointment at the Writing Center, call 591-2534 or see our receptionist at 1017 Arts and Science Commons.

We also offer walk-in tutoring. Come to the Writing Center during walk-in times (11-12, M-Th) and you will be assigned the first available tutor.

Writing Center Appointment Policies

  • You do not have to attend the Writing Center specifically for a class. However, if you are attending for a specific class, we will notify your instructor of your appointment.


  • Standard appointment time is ½ hour. One-hour appointments can also be arranged.


  • If you are ten minutes late for an appointment, you will be considered a no-show.  If you no-show for two appointments, you will no longer be able to schedule another appointment during the semester. However, you may still come in during our walk-in hour (11-12, M-Th).


  • Walk-in tutoring is first-come, first-served. Walk-in sessions are 30 minutes.


  • Our printers and computers are not for student use; your paper will need to be printed out before your appointment.


  • If you have a standing appointment and miss the appointment without calling to cancel, or if you cancel two weeks in a row, you will lose that appointment slot.