Student Resources

Scholarships and awards
Several scholarships and ability-based awards are available to TPC and JTPC students. Each year, students in the programs will be notified about the application procedures for each. Annual awards include:

  • College of Arts & Sciences, Ability-based Scholarships
  • Michigan Press Association, Journalism Scholarship
  • Sharkey Scholarship
  • TPC and JTPC Student of the Year Award


Professional organizations and experience
Students in the TPC and JTPC programs are encouraged to participate in several professional organizations, including the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and the Michigan Press Association (MPA).

The Torch newspaper
All Ferris students who like to write are encouraged to work on the student-run newspaper, the Torch. While many JTPC and TPC students work for the Torch, the newspaper does not require employees and writers to be journalism majors or minors. Information about the Torch is available by calling 231-591-5946.