Scheduling and Advising

Dr Sandy Balkema is the program coordinator and advisor for the B.S. degrees in Technical and Professional Communication (TPC) and the Journalism and Technical Communication (JTPC) programs.

Writing and editing foundation
Both the TPC and JTPC programs share a foundation in writing and editing. Students in the programs complete the same grouping of business, technical, and professional writing and editing courses. They also develop verbal communication, teamwork, and project management skills. This foundation prepares graduates for writing careers in a wide range of environments and settings.

Technical / Specialty areas
Students in the TPC and JTPC programs identify at least one area of “specialty” that defines their immediate career goals as a professional writer. Options are as varied as the business environments where writers work, including automotive writing, medical/scientific writing, publication management, international and global communication, community journalism, political journalism, arts and entertainment journalism, and multimedia journalism.

You'll meet with your advisor to determine the most appropriate specialty for your professional career plans and define the courses that will help you meet your goals the most effectively.

Internship and career options
All TPC and JTPC students complete at least one internship. This internship is typically a summer employment opportunity during the student’s senior year and provides essential experience in a professional work environment. Program faculty and advisors will offer suggestions and assistance for these internship options.

Scheduling and registration advising
Before you register for your courses each semester, you will meet with your program advisor to select appropriate courses and plan the best sequence of courses for the coming years. Each semester an advising hold is placed on your registration account; this requires you to see your faculty advisor prior to scheduling.

Contact information
TPC and JTPC programs
Department of Languages & Literature, 120 Prakken Bldg
Phone: 231-591-3988 (department office)
Phone: 231-591-5631 (program advisor)
Fax: 231-591-2910