Nathan Garrelts

Nate Garrelts holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from Michigan State University and an MS in Information Security and Intelligence from Ferris State University. He has served as a department head, writing center director, writing program coordinator, and primary investigator on several grants. He specializes in Professional and Technical Writing, Information Security, and Computer Age Technoculture. He has edited three collections of essays on digital games: Digital Gameplay (2005), The Meaning and Culture of Grand Theft Auto (2006), and Understanding Minecraft (2014). Dr. Garrelts has also contributed to the websites Bad Subjects and Berfrois on topics ranging from film pimps to teaching with comics. He most frequently teaches ENGL 325: Advanced Business Writing and ENGL311: Advanced Technical Writing.


Office: PRK 120-I
Phone: 231.591.5899