Lynn Chrenka

Office: ASC 3038
Phone: 231.591.5629

Dr. Chrenka is also the Director of the Crossroads Writing Project (CWP), a site of the National Writing Project (NWP) at Ferris State University since 1998 and, in collaboration with a colleague, co-wrote the successful grant that brought the National Writing Project to Ferris.

Ph.D. Michigan State University
M. A. University of Michigan
B.A. University of Michigan

Dr. Chrenka teaches freshman composition, advanced composition, and English education courses.  Her specialty is English education, especially rhetoric and composition theory and pedagogy. Although her doctoral work occurred in the English department, her research was interdisciplinary. It focused on the nature of creativity, concluding that creativity and the process of knowledge creation are living systems composed of complex interrelationships "across disciplines" that affect the ability of both individuals and organizations to learn.