Debra Courtright-Nash

Office: ASC 3080
Phone: 231.591.3988


As chair, Debra Courtright-Nash is excited to be a part of the Department of Languages and Literature's efforts to prepare majors and minors for their careers and non-majors for writing in their careers. Since 2005, she has taught ENGL 074,150, 250, and 321 in the writing sequence. She also teaches Advanced Professional Composition for pharmacy and Theory and Practice of Composition. To learn about her you can watch her Bulldog story.  Her previous experience includes teaching writing, literature and ESL at Feng Chia University, Taiwan R.O.C; Cornerstone College, MI; Bethel College, IN; and University of Cincinnati's Clermont College. She served as advisor for Shakespeare Fest since 2012-2014.

Some of her presentations  and publications that reflect her ongoing interests are:

  • Using Writing as a Teaching Tool, a presentation with Lynn Chrenka to the New Faculty Transition Program, sponsored by the Faculty Center of Teaching and Learning in October 2012.
  • “Collaboration Within and Between Colleges in the University to Motivate Student Learning” presented with Lynn Chrenka and Allison Bernkopf at the 4th Annual Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Academy at GVSU, Grand Rapids, MI in 2012
  • “Writing Across the Curriculum and Science Learning” with Piram Prakasam and “Writing Across the Chemistry Curriculum as a Teaching Method” with Barbara Widanski at the  20th Conference on Chemical Education Indiana University, Bloomington, IN in 2008
  • “Peer Review of Chemistry Journal Articles: Collaboration across Disciplines” Journal of Chemical Education. written with Barbara Widanski in 2006.
  • “Paradigm Shift to Program-Based Assessment: Reading Student Texts for Curricular Change” 54th presented with Marlene Miner, Ruth Benander, and Thomas Dinsmore at CCCC in New York in 2003.
  • “Reinventing Miss Havisham,” with Linda Walvoord at the Seventh Annual Dickens Symposium, Corpus Christi College, The Dickens Society of America, Corpus Christ College, Oxford, England in 2002.


Ph.D.  Michigan State University
M.A.   Ohio University
B.A.   Georgetown College