Online Teaching and Learning

The mission of the Online Teaching and Learning Committee (OTLC) is to promote and facilitate online teaching within the Department, act as a resource for best practices, support the use of online technology in the classroom, develop policy guidelines for offering courses online, and represent the Department’s online interests to other University bodies.

In addition to fulfilling the tasks set forth in its mission statement, the OTLC has consistently had a campus-wide reach and an interest in faculty-initiated projects. Either once or twice a semester the committee publishes L and L onLine, a newsletter containing articles related to e-learning in the Department and across campus; it has hosted two campus-wide events: Let’s Get IT [Instructional Technology] Together, and the Online Courses Fair; and for the Department, it offers workshops and mentoring to those new to online teaching.

The OTLC is an official standing committee of the Department and has a regular membership of six, which includes one adjunct faculty member; however, the OTLC is an open committee that welcomes all Department members to participate in its meetings and activities. The committee currently meets at 11:00 am on the third Thursday of the month.

Online Teaching and Learning Committee Newsletters