Languages and Literature Colloquium

 Dr. Robert von der Osten, Moderator * contact

Past Presenters and Topics

Dr. Sharon Robideaux-  “There Are Murderers among Us: Reflections on Detective Fiction”

Dr. Marlene Hess-  “Service Learning Projects and the Writing Classroom”

Dr. Katherine Miller-  “Rewriting the Body:  Gender Narratives and the Transsexual”

Dr. Ildiko Olasz-  “Cartographic Naturalism and Symbolic Imaging in Thomas Hardy’s The Return of the Native”

Ms. Bernadette Fox-  “Fostering a Comfortable Environment for ESL and International Students in a ‘Regular’ Classroom”

Dr. Matthew Nikkari-  “Head Start: Phrenology and the Basis of American Education”

Dr. Debra Courtright-Nash-  “Using Clickers to Increase Learning in the Developmental Writing Class”

Dr. Rebecca Sammel- "The Perfect Interdisciplinary Text."

Dr. Robert von der Osten-  “Kathleen Ann Goonan and the Problem of Possession”

Dr. Reinhold Hill-  “The Lore of War:  The Iraq War in Folklore and Personal Narrative”

Dr. Daniel Noren-  “Teaching French as an African Language”

Dr. Daniel Ding-  “Pleasure in Naming All the Parts of the Known in Their Expected Order: Cyberspace Communication and Chinese Agrarian Culture”

Dr. John Jablonski-  “The Lexicographer as Ambassador: László Országh , Hungary and the English-Speaking World”

Ms. Nell Hill-  “Multilingual Dissonance in Third-Language Acquisition”
Dr. Hugh Culik and Dr. Christopher Gilliard-  “Technical Writing, Obedience, & Ethics after 9/11”
Dr. Ronald Haladyna-  “The Perpetuation of Literary Anonymity: Readership, Criticism and Publication of Contemporary Latin American Poetry”
Ms. Bernadette Fox-  “Migrant ESL: Teaching English as a Second Language to Migrant Workers” 
Dr. Daniel Ding-  “Confucianism and Technical Writing” 
Dr. Robert von der Osten-  “Having Your Throat Sung: Alien  Intimacies in Rebecca Ore’s Becoming Alien Series” 
Dr. Reinhold Hill-  “'These stories are not "real," but they are as true as  I can make them’: Lee Smith and the Authentic Folkloric Voice in Fiction”
Dr. Matthew Nikkari-  “God’s Good Creature, Cold Water Armies, and Demon Rum:  American Drinking from Plymouth to Appomattox
Dr. Daniel Ding and Dr. John Jablonski-  “Teaching International Technical Communication”
Dr. Genevieve West-  “The Folklore of Urban Migration in  Zora Neale Hurston's Lost Stories”
Dr. Elizabeth Ferszt-  “Bradstreet’s Four Humours as 17th Century Science”