Problem of the Week

WELCOME!  The Problem of the Week is offered to Ferris State University students as an opportunity to work on some interesting mathematical problems that are often different from those that appear in the standard mathematics courses.

You're welcome to submit individual or group solutions to me (Dr. Dekker) via email or in my office (Arts and Sciences Commons 2038) by the noted due dates.

Below you can download the current and past Problems of the Week, in PDF form.  Be sure to visit the bulletin board outside of the math department office (ASC 2021) to see solutions to last week's problem and see who has correctly solved problems this semester.  A list of correct solvers also appears on this page below the list of problems.

Problems for Academic Year Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

Finally!  Here are four problems for the rest of this semester.  Dr. Dekker is on sabbatical and will look at solutions at the end of the semester.

Problems 215, 216, and 217: due Wednesday, April 30.
Problem 218: due Wednesday, April 30.

At the end of the semester I will compile all the Problems of the Week into one file for ease in downloading - see below.

Past Problems, collected in one file:

Last updated: 09-15-2014