Michael D Ryan
MichaelD Ryan

Professor of Biology
Office: ASC 2115
Phone: (231) 591-5892
E-mail Address: ryanm@ferris.edu

Michael D. Ryan  teaches a variety of microbiology and immunology courses to students in colleges of Allied Health, Arts and Sciences, Pharmacy and Optometry as well as continuing education for nurses, optometrists and pharmacists. He is also the chair of the Pre-medicine Advisory Committee. Dr. Ryan's microbiology interests include microbial virulence, host correlates for protective immunity, and contemporary vaccine research. He is a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, enjoys biking and is a strong advocate for the rights of students and faculty within FSU's academic community.

Ph.D. in Microbiology, State University of New York
M.S. in Biology, Duquesne University
B.A. in Biology, St. Vincent College

Courses Taught at Ferris State University:
BIOL 108: Medical Microbiology
BIOL 280: Applied Fermentation
BIOL 286: General Microbiology
BIOL 308: Advanced Medical Microbiology/Immunology
BIOL 386: Microbiology and Immunology
BIOL 387: Microbiology and Immunology (Pharmacy)
BIOL 438: Microbiology for Optometry
BIOL 460: Current Topics in Biology
FSUS 100/ 101: Ferris State University Seminar

Awards and Achievements:
FSU Martin Luther King Social Justice Award - 2005
Distinguished Faculty Member Award, Michigan Association of Governing Boards (MAGB) - 1985-86
Outstanding Advisor Award Nominee - 1985
Oustanding Institutional Advising Program Award Nominee - 1985
Ferris Greek Educator of the Year - 1981-82

Employed at Ferris since 1977