Connie Boogaard
Connie Boogaard

Professor of Biology
Office: ASC 2015
Phone: (231) 591-2544
E-mail Address:


Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of Calgary

M.S. in Zoology, University of British Columbia

B.A. in Biology, California State University, Fullerton

Diploma, Goethe Institute Germany


Areas of Specialization:

Cell and Molecular Biology


Courses Taught at Ferris State University:

BIOL 103: Biological Concepts

BIOL 174: Introduction to Biotechnology

BIOL 121: General Biology 1

BIOL 122: General Biology 2

BIOL 379: Biotech 1 - Tissue Culture Laboratory

BIOL 470: Molecular Genetics

BIOL 471: Recombinant DNA Laboratory

BIOL 472: Proteins

BIOL 473: Proteins Laboratory

BIOL 474: Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology


Research Interests:

My interest in carrying out research primarily centers on the use of research for teaching purposes. A research project should teach several techniques, the arranging of techniques into a logical sequence, the bridging of techniques, data acquisition, manipulation and interpretation, time management, record keeping, design of controls, and other relevant skills. In addition, it should have a high probability of success. Two examples of projects I am interested in establishing are RFLP analysis of allelic variations at different loci - both within a population and between species - and in vitro mutagenesis, followed by analysis of the mutant protein. The first project teaches DNA isolations, restrictions and electrophoresis, Southern transfers, basic cloning of probes, probe labeling, hybridizations, and detections. Through careful choice of loci (repeated sequences), the use of radioactivity can be avoided. The second project teaches in vitro mutagenesis, cloning, expression of the clone, protein isolations and enzymatic characterizations.


Selected Publications:

1) C. Boogaard and G. H. Dixon, Exp. Cell Res. 143: 175-190 (1983). "Red Cell Ghost Mediated Microinjection of RNA into HeLA Cells. I. A Comparison of Two Techniques."


2) C. Boogaard and G. H. Dixon, Exp. Cell Res. 143: 191-205 (1983). "Red Cell Ghost-Mediated Microinjection of RNA into HeLa Cells. II. Cellular Translation of Protamine messenger RNA, Post-translational Modifications, and Nuclear Binding of Newly-Synthesized Protamine."


3) C. Boogaard and G. H. Dixon, Can. Fed. Biol. Soc. 24: 248 (1981). "Microinjection of Protamine messenger RNA into HeLa Cells."


4) C. Boogaard and C. V. Finnegan, Can. J. Zool. 54: 324-335 (1981). "The Effects of Estradiol and Progesterone on the Growth and Differentiation of the Quail Oviduct."


Employed at Ferris since Fall 1987