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Frequently Asked Questions about the Admission Process to the Professional (Clinical) Sequence of CHP Programs


Q: Why do I still have to apply to the COHP clinical program I want to enter if I have already been accepted at Ferris?

A:  The COHP clinical programs at Ferris are space limited due to the need for clinical placements. For this reason, every student is initially admitted to Ferris as a “pre-professional” student in the COHP clinical programs. This status does not guarantee you admission to any of the clinical programs because each program has specific criteria students must meet in order to qualify for entry into the professional sequence of the program.

Q: What if I applied to FSU previously but never actually attended? Do I need to reapply to Ferris to be considered for admission to a COHP program?

A: Yes, the University requires students who do not attend classes at Ferris, or who leave the University for a semester or more to reapply to the university. 

    1. 1.    If you take time off, you need to reapply to FSU and may do that a good year before you expect to return.
    2. 2.    You also must make your application to the clinical program again since that is a yearly application process. It is a new application cycle each year, this is why you have to submit your material each year if you aren’t accepted in the professional phase of the program.
    3. 3.    You should be readmitted by FSU before you apply for the clinical or professional phase of your program.

Q: Is there an advantage for students who already attend Ferris as compared to Transfer Students?

A: Yes, transfer students are not necessarily required to attend FSU prior to beginning the professional sequence, but they need to be accepted by FSU before their application for the clinical program can be considered. 

Q: What criteria are used to determine selection for the next entry date?

A: Every program has very specific qualification criteria that are intended to predict success in that program. These criteria will vary by program and so students are encouraged to refer to the qualification check list for each program, which can be accessed on the COHP webpage. These criteria include: designated pre-requisite courses and grades for those courses as well as a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average. Also, there is a limit on the number of attempts for the math and science courses.

Q: How do I calculate my Grade Point Average if I have attended more than one institution?

A: If you have attended multiple institutions, FSU will average the quality points divided by the GPA hours. You must have a 2.5 average or higher to be accepted in the COHP.  If your program requires a higher GPA to qualify, that will be based on your overall GPA from your last college attendance.


            1.  If all your credits are transfer and you have no FSU credits, your overall GPA from the most recent college will be used.

            2.  If you are a transfer student, currently attending Ferris, your Ferris GPA will be used.

3. If you are dual enrolled (attending two schools at the same time) and have less then 6 hours at FSU your GPA will be based on your last college attendance.

Q: Once I qualify for the program, am I automatically accepted for the next cohort start date?

A: Not necessarily, because there may be more qualified students than seats available in the next cohort. All qualified applicants are sorted according to the semester of qualification – this refers to the semester that you meet the last of the qualification criteria: Fall, Spring or Summer with the year designated. Applicants who qualify in the earliest semester are admitted first, with the next qualifying semester applicants admitted next, until the seats are filled.  

Q: What happens if there are too many students who have all qualified in the same  


A: If there are multiple students who qualify during the same semester, two factors will be considered

    1. a.     Number of credit hours successfully completed at Ferris State University
    2. b.    Priority date, when you first applied to your program.

Q: What is meant by a “priority date” and how is it used?

A: This is the date that is unique to each student and could be either of the following:

  • The original date of application to the University for those students who initially selected the COHP program major, never changed it and attended FSU for the semester they applied.
  • The date that an internal academic program change was made declaring the COHP program as a new major. 

It is important to note that this date may or may not be used to determine entry. It is only used when there is a need for a tie breaker, as in when there are more students qualified in one semester than there are seats available.

Q: What if a student is qualified at the time they make application to the University declaring the COHP major or make a COHP program change within the University?

A: The semester of application or program change is the semester of qualification. It is important to note that a student cannot be considered “qualified” earlier than the date they selected the COHP program as their major or applied to Ferris. 

Q: What do I need to do to apply to the professional sequence?

A: There are 3 steps:

1. Complete the program application form & qualification checklist (found on COHP Webpage)

2. Attach all required materials: 

a.   Completed Qualification Check List for Program. You must fill in all the white box/blank spaces because only completed forms will be reviewed.

b.   Copy of Unofficial Transcripts from all institutions attended, including FSU

c.   Other documentation as specified by the program (see program application form)

3.   Submit the complete application packet as directed on the form between January 15 and January 30 for most programs to the COHP Dean’s Office. Note that the Nursing program has two different application periods, depending on the nursing track you are applying:

a.  Fall Entry (Traditional): Apply between April 15 and April 30

b.  Summer Entry (Accelerated 2nd degree): Apply between January 15 and January 30

Q: What are the common mistakes applicants make that might disqualify them from consideration?

A: Good question! There are some common pitfalls you should avoid:

o   Failure to attach all required materials: The point of the packet is to process the applications efficiently. The reviewer(s) will not look up missing data.

o   Failure to provide all required information on the application form or qualification checklist. 

o   Submission of the application packet prior to the designated application date (January 15, or April 15) for the program.

Submission of the application packet after the designated application cycle close date (January 30,or April 30) for the program. Note: mailed packets must be postmarked by the application close date.

Q: Is there an advantage if I submit application materials early?

A: No. Applications will not be accepted prior to the application cycle initial date and will be rejected.

Applications are not ranked according the order they are received. Remember that it is the semester of qualification that determines the order of admission. Applications will not be reviewed until after the application close date, so there is no need to rush to submit your packet prior to that date.

Q: Will someone check my application form for completeness and notify me prior to the deadline if there are deficits?

A: No. Unfortunately, the volume of applications processed during the brief application period does not allow for this kind of individual review. For this reason, students are expected to accept responsibility for completing the packet according to directions. 

Q: Will I be notified that my application was received?

A: No. Unfortunately, the volume of applications processed during the brief application period does not allow for this kind of individual notification. If you deliver the packet in person, you will be directed by the COHP Dean’s office staff to place it in a designated, secure location. If you plan to mail your packet, you are urged to use the delivery confirmation service available from the postal service you use so that you have a record that the packet was delivered and received by the COHP Dean’s Office.   Application materials must be postmarked by the application close date (January 30 or April 30). We ask that you please refrain from contacting us to verify receipt because the volume will make this very difficult for the COHP staff to determine.

 Q:   What assistance is available if I have questions about the application packet or process?

A: There are many sources of help available to you:

  • The COHP Advising Assistants can answer questions submitted by email. This person should be your key contact for these questions.
  • “Pre program” students must attend a group advising session each fall and spring semester and the application process will be addressed at these times. 
  • General Informational sessions will be held just prior to the application period to assist students who still have questions. 

Q: How do I print my unofficial transcripts for the application form?

A: If you are a FSU student, you can get an unofficial copy of your FSU transcripts through MyFSU. Just click on “My Academics” and then on “Student Services” and finally “Academic Transcript”. To access your transcript(s) from other institutions, go to the website for the school you attended and follow the links there.   Just submit a printed copy of ALL transcripts and feel free to highlight the required courses and grades because that will help in the review of your materials.

Q: Are Criminal Background Checks required?

A: Yes, for our clinical purpose a background check will be required prior to the clinical phase of your program.  Any prior felony will jeopardize your acceptance.

Q: If the application form indicates that I can demonstrate math competency with my ACT score and I don’t have a copy of my ACT results, how can I get that information for submission?

A: Although FSU may have official copies of your ACT scores, we still ask you to provide this information if it demonstrates math competency. 

    1. a.     You can access copies of your ACT scores on MyFSU. Go to “Academics” and then “Services” and then to the area called “Student Records” and click on the link called “Test Scores”. If you don’t have an official copy of your scores, or they were not required at the time of application to FSU (i.e., non-traditional students may not be required to provide the ACT) you have a couple of options if you did take the ACT:
    2. b.    Contact your High School and request a copy of your HS transcripts, where your ACT results are included. Attach a copy of this to your application packet.
    3. c.     You can contact ACT directly at or call 319-337-1313 to request a copy of your ACT report form. There is a cost.
    4. d.    Another option to demonstrate math competency is to take the COMPASS exam. This can be arranged through the office of Institutional Research & Testing at 231-591-3628.

Q: What is meant by “other” documentation to be included with the application packet?

A: This is often program specific in that some programs may offer early admission consideration for certain categories, such as for students who are in the Honors program here at FSU, or who are recipients of time-limited scholarships through ROTC, etc.  If you are in this category, you need to attach documentation to verify this status. Other kinds of “other” data might be documentation that demonstrates you qualify in an area that is not apparent on the academic transcript. Examples might include: documentation that the program has made a course substitution or has waived a requirement, or that you have demonstrated proficiency for a course or requirement. Please do NOT include other documents such as letters of reference, special awards, immunization or CPR records, or anything that is not specifically requested to demonstrate qualification for the program, is not specified on the application form.

Q: When will students be notified regarding their admission status for the next year?

A: Applications will be reviewed after the application close date (January 30 or April 30) for your program. Students should hear of their admission status no later than March 15 or May 30 depending on the application cycle dates.

Q: What do I do if I am not accepted for the next admission date?

A: There are several options for students who are not accepted the first time they apply for the program:

1.   Students can continue to complete general education requirements that fall outside of the designated required qualification courses but that are listed on the program check sheet.

2.   Students in an associate degree program can begin work on a bachelor’s degree, such as our BS in Health Care Systems Administration or BS in Allied Health degree while they wait for admission to their clinical program.

3.   Students can work on a minor or a related certificate program.

4.   Students can consider options that the military branches offer in terms of ways to train in entry level health care jobs in preparation for entry into the program of choice at a later date. 

5.   Students can elect to leave the University for one year and seek employment in a health care setting while they wait to reapply the next year.   Students who leave the University must reapply online (no cost), indicating the semester they plan to return. It is advised that students do this   a year before they plan on returning. Students who have attended FSU and then leave temporarily will not be charged a second enrollment fee when they return. If you are a recipient of financial aid, you are encouraged to check with the Financial Aid office to see if nonattendance for a semester will negatively impact your financial aid award.

After the application decisions are made, the COHP Advising Assistant will hold informational sessions for students who are faced with this decision, and additional options will be discussed at that time.

Q: Is there a possibility that I might be granted entry if space becomes available?

A: Yes, it is possible. Applications are kept in order of qualification semester.   If a space becomes available, the next qualified student is notified and given the opportunity to enter. If that student declines, then the next student is notified, etc.   There is no penalty for turning down a seat.

Q: If I am not accepted for the next year, will my application be maintained on file or do I need to submit an application again the following year?

A: No, you will need to submit a new application packet the next year.   Application packets are only retained until the selected cohort starts and all seats are filled. Packets are then destroyed because the application forms may be updated to maintain consistency with College and program policies. If you plan to apply the next year, please be sure to review all of the materials on the COHP website so that any new requirements are noted.

Q: If I am accepted, is there anything else I will need to do to assure admission?

A: Yes, you will be asked to

o   Notify the department where your program is housed to confirm your acceptance.   In addition, you will need to submit other materials as required by your program:

·         Official Transcripts: If you have taken or are currently taking a course at another institution, you will need to have official transcripts sent to FSU by July 1 prior to a fall program entry (or January 1 for spring entry or May 1 for summer entry).

·         Immunization Records You will be directed by your program to submit proof of immunity to specified communicable diseases.

·         CPR Certification: You may be required to submit verification of completion of a cardiopulmonary resuscitation course.

·         Criminal Background Check: required prior to your clinical.


Revised: 11/13/13