Daniel deRegnier MS MT(ASCP)

CLS Assoc. Professor/Program Coordinator
Office: VFS 418
Phone: (231) 591-2327
E-mail Address: DanieldeRegnier@ferris.edu


Master of Science, University of Minnesota

Areas of Academic Specialty:
Diagnostic microbiology, parasitology, mycology, virology and immunology  and other stuff as needed

Continuing Education Activities:
So many I can't count them!

Current Projects:
NAACLS Accreditation 2017

Courses Taught:
CLLS101, CLLS241, CLLS242, CLLS236, CLLS237, CLLS256, CLLS252, CLLS253, CLLS436, CLLS437, CLLS456, CLLS499

Professional Presentations:
Aging and Immune system, April 2016