Transfer Students

The transcripts you provided FSU have been reviewed. An evaluation of your transfer credit has been processed as it relates to the College of Health Professions. To review your transcript evaluation on your MyFSU student account, use the following instructions:

For an explanation of the Transfer Equivalency Evaluation:

If you have any questions regarding the following, ask our college transcript evaluator: Cindy Donley.

  1. the evaluation of a specific course
  2. a discrepancy in number of credits awarded or grade posted
  3. omission of course(s)
  4. omission of degree or MACRAO posting OR if course(s) are a REPEAT of a course taken at FSU

To help determine progress toward a degree, click here to find your program checksheet and post the equivalent courses to the proper locations on the sheet. We suggest you place a TC (for Transfer Credit) next to the courses you have completed. If you have specific questions regarding the placement of courses on your checksheet or concerns about the applicability of coursework to your program, please contact the program coordinator or advisor.

NOTE TO TRANSFER STUDENTS NEW TO FSU [On-Campus]: Please check your MyFSU web account regularly to obtain information about orientation and registration. If you have already earned 20 transfer credits, you are eligible to early register, but you will be required to complete an online orientation session. Go to, click on Sign Up for Orientation, then Transfer Students, then Sign up Today. Please contact your program coordinator to discuss class registration and to have your advising hold lifted before you will be able to register

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To review other University policies click here to view the section titled Course Credit and Grading Policies or visit the FSU catalog.