Program costs

**   This expense sheet does not include the cost of purchasing a health insurance policy

*** This also does not include the cost of relocating to another area for internship,        

         i.e. housing


First Year Expense



Second Year Expense



 Lead Markers



 Clinical Shoes



Scrub Uniforms x2



Lab Coat (optional)



Lab Coat (optional)



Scrub Uniforms x5






ARRT Cert. Exam



Sharpies-Perm. Marker



Exam Photo



Immunizations- all



Printer Paper/Ink Cartridge



Criminal Background (x2) & Immunization Tracker






CPR Certification



Certification Review Exam













Printer Paper/Ink Cartridge




Ring Binders   x5




Finger Printing Fee




Drug Testing





Total Cost First Year




Total Cost Second Year




****Additional miscellaneous expenses, such as professional membership dues and out-

       of-town seminars that are part of the student’s professional development may be    

       encountered during the two-year program. An attempt is made to inform the student

         in advance so this will not be burdensome. Cost of any of the above is subject to

       change without notice.


******Students attending continuing educational activities may acquire additional cost for meeting, workshop, course et