Nuclear Medicine Technology
Bachelor of Science Completion Program

Course Schedule




Course Titles

NUCM 340 Advanced Imaging Techniques
NUCM 350 Advanced Nuclear Cardiology
NUCM 351 Advanced Nuclear Cardiology Lab
NUCM 360 Management and Leadership in NMT
NUCM 380 Diagnostic Imaging Techniques
NUCM 499 Capstone in NMT, see note below
COHP 350 Epidemiology & Statistics
COHP 450 Evidence-Based Health Practice
HCSA 336 Health Care Supervisory Practice
ENGL 321 Advanced English Composition

Social Awareness Electives at 300+ level or higher as required based on transfer credits
Cultural Enrichment Elective at 300+ level or higher as required based on transfer credits 

Special Notes

  • 8-14 elective credits may be required based on transfer credits
  • 30 total credits must be from FSU
  • 40 total credits must be 300 level or higher
  • NUCM 499 should be taken upon completion of all other Nuclear Medicine Courses. Must be the last course in Professional Sequence.
  • NUCM courses will be offered when there is sufficient need. This schedule reflects anticipated offerings.  It is subject to change and students are urged to see their advisor for assistance in planning.