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College of Health Professions
Ferris State University
200 Ferris Drive, VFS 209
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2740
(231) 591-2401 | 1(800)GO-BULLDOG | |

Matthew Adeyanju, Ph.D, MPH, Dean
Julie Coon, EdD, Interim Associate Dean
Kathy Hotz, Administrative Secretary to the Dean
Debby Buck , Student Support for Off-Campus Programs (231) 591-2094 
Linda Kuk, Pre-Program Advising
Natalia Carvalho-Pinto, Pre-Program Advisor
Tami Wolverton, Director of SAA | 231.591.2418
Cindi Donley, Secretary 2
Kimberly Kleeves, Secretary 2
Richelle Williams,  Secretary 2


Nursing, BSN, RN to BSN, MSN, Nursing Education Certificate (NURS)

Susan Owens, Interim Chair | 
Linda Morris , Department Secretary | VFS 400 | (231) 591-2259

Program Coordinators
»Sharon Colley , BSN, RN-BSN Nursing Program Coordinator | VFS 304B | (231) 591-2288
»Susan Owens, MSN and Graduate Certificate Nursing | VFS 300A | (231) 591-2290
»Lisa Singleterry, RN to BSN Completion program | VFS 308 | 231-591-3943


Health Care Systems Administration (HCSA), BS |Health Information Management (HIM), BS | Health Information Technology (HIT), AAS |Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), BS | Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) AAS | Respiratory Care (RESP), AAS | Molecular Diagnostics, BS

Gregory Zimmerman, Department Head | email
Nancy Alles , Department Secretary | VFS 403 | (231) 591-2266

Program Coordinators
»Jennifer Riggs, Respiratory Care | VFS 406 |(231) 591-3186
»Paula Hagstrom , HIT/HIM | VFS 400-B | (231) 591-2316
»Daniel P deRegnier, MLS/MLT | VFS 418 | (231) 591-2327
»Gail Bullard , HCSA | VFS414 | (231) 591-2279
»Jonathan Karnes , DMOL | VFS320 | (231) 591-3183


Dental Hygiene (DHYG), AAS| Dental Hygiene (DHYG), BS | Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS), AAS | Nuclear Medicine Technology (NUCM), BS | Radiography (RADI), AAS

Theresa Raglin, Department Head | email
Tina Smith , Department Secretary | (231) 591-2261

Program Coordinators
»Kimberly Beistle, Dental Hygiene | VFS 302 | (231) 591-2224
»Tim Vander Laan, Nuclear Medicine | FSU-GR | (616) 643.5751
»Lisa Wall, Radiography | VFS 304B | (231) 591-2261
»Michelle Weemaes, Diagnostic Medical | Sonography VFS 300B | (231) 591-3071


Clinical Laboratory Science – Medical Laboratory Technology, AAS (MLT), and Medical Laboratory Science, BS (MLS). This major uses science and technology to unravel medical mysteries. Studies indicate that 70% of diagnosis and treatment decisions are based on test results provided by clinical laboratorians. Employment is available in hospitals, clinics, blood banks, independent laboratories, sales, research, consulting, health maintenance organizations, consulting, and crime labs.

Dental Hygiene, AAS – Providing preventative dental care and teaching good oral health. Employment is available in dental offices, HMO's, hospitals, universities, armed services, prisons, health departments, schools, businesses, and research labs.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography, AAS – This major assists physicians with uncovering mysteries of the body with the use of high tech ultrasound equipment. Employment is available in hospitals, physician offices, clinics, and other health care settings.

Health Care Systems Administration, BS – Learning the business side of the health care system. Employment is available in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health maintenance organizations, physicians' offices, mental health facilities, dental offices, and Hospice.

Health Information Technology, AAS – This major analyzes data, reports patient information and determines reimbursement. Employment is available in hospitals, clinics, insurance agencies, government agencies, physicians' offices, health maintenance organizations, mental health facilities, and Hospice.

Health Information Management, BS – Interfaces with medical, financial, and administrative staff. Employment is available in hospitals, clinics, insurance agencies, government agencies, physicians' offices, health maintenance organizations, mental health facilities, and Hospice.

Nuclear Medicine Technology, AAS – This major does imaging of the body using radioactive materials to diagnose and treat patients. Employment is available in hospitals, clinics, and medical laboratories.

Nursing – Professional BS (BSN), Masters Level (MSN), and Nursing Certificate (Education) – Promoting health, preventing disease, and helping patients cope with illness. Advanced practice nurses work as supervisors, basic primary health care providers, or in areas of specialization. Employment is available in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, home care, and other health care settings.

Radiography, AAS – Are imaging specialists who assist physicians with diagnosis and treatment of disease and trauma. Radiographers can specialize in CT, MR, mammography, and angiography. Employment available in hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, military, long-term care facilities, home health care, and sports center facilities.

Respiratory Care, AAS – Evaluating, treating, and caring for patients with heart and lung disorders. Work in critical care, neonatal, and emergency departments. Employed in hospitals, clinics, home care, long-term care facilities, HMO, sales, research, transportation, respiratory education, and diagnostic centers.