Academic Information


Academic Information

1. When can I register for classes?

Registration dates are assigned according to credit hours earned. Check the schedule book on MyFSU under the Academics tab for more information and explanation of Early Registration - Assigned dates.

Attend orientation session. These 1-day sessions are held from mid-June to mid-July for the following fall. Late registrations also occur just prior to each semester fall, spring, summer. Students wishing to attend in the fall are encouraged to come to a summer orientation session. See to sign up for orientation.

a. If you have 20 or more credits earned, sent to Ferris and evaluated, call the department secretary of the program of your choice for early registration options during the month of April. Link to Dept. listing for contacts.
b. If you have less than 20 credits, sign up for orientation. See

Must meet with Program Coordinator of your program.

Must meet with advisor several weeks before registration date to remove advisor hold. CHP programs provide group advising sessions prior to registration. The dates for these group advising sessions are posted on the CHP web page. Students must attend one of these sessions or meet with an advisor to have their advisor hold removed.
Go to MyFSU for name of advisor and registration date.

2. How do I clear my registration hold?
There are several possible holds. Go to MyFSU to view your individual holds, or contact the Records Office @ 231-591-2792 and they will direct you to the appropriate department.

3. Who is my advisor?
At the beginning of your first semester here, you will be assigned an advisor. Go to MyFSU, tab to my academics, then student services, under student records, then advisor

4. How can I attempt a CLEP test?
CLEP testing information
Signup for CLEP testing

5. How can I attempt a proficiency test?
Make an appointment with the secretary of the department offering the course you wish to pursue credits for to schedule a proficiency exam. A fee of $25 is charged per credit hour. To find the name of the Department Secretary and the Program Coordinator, look for the name of the program you are interested in and click on that program.

Prior Learning Assessment
Course Competency Assessment

6. How and when can I drop a class?
The first four days you are allowed to drop in MyFSU. On the fifth day of classes, you ll need to come to the dean s office of Health Professions (VFS 209), to pick up a four part form. Going below 12 credits may affect your financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid office @ 231-591-2110 for more information.
Financial Aid Information 
Business Office

7. How do I withdraw from my complete semester schedule?
The Records office in the Center for Student Services located in the Timme Building processes a total withdrawal. Please contact them at 231-591-2792.
If you are withdrawing for medical reasons, please contact our Birkham Health Center at 231-591-2614.
Information for withdrawing from classes
Not returning next semester? Click here.

8. How do I get on the Dean s List?
Click here for more information.

9. How can I figure out my GPA?
Information on the Grading system

10. What do I need to do if I m placed on academic probation?
A student will be placed on academic probation whenever any one of the following conditions is met:
The student s cumulative honor (grade) point average (CHPA) falls below a 2.00.
The student s semester honor (grade) point average (CHPA) for two consecutive semesters is less than 2.00.

The student is on semester trial or probation as defined by the Dean s Office. The number of credit hours enrolled in by any student on probation will be determined by the student s advisor; however, any student who is on academic probation normally should not enroll for more than 13 semester hours of credit of credit or fewer than 12 hours of credit
Click here for more information

11. What do I need to do if I m academically dismissed?
A student may be academically dismissed whenever any one of the following conditions is met:
Failure in 50 percent or more of the course work (credit hours) for which the student is enrolled in any semester.
The student s academic performance at the end of any probationary semester, in the opinion of the student s Dean, does not warrant continuation.
The student s cumulative honor point average (CHPA) falls below the minimum level
Click here for more information on academic dismissal

12. How do I appeal a dismissal for academic reasons?
Any student who is dismissed from the University for academic-related reasons, but believes they have extenuating circumstances that warrants considerations, may appeal the dismissal by writing to the Dean s Office

13. How do I reapply if dismissed for academic reasons?

Students who have been dismissed for academic-related reasons may apply for readmission subject to the following restrictions:
Any student who is dismissed for academic reasons will not be readmitted to Ferris for at least one semester (not including summer term) following completing a specified number of credits at another regionally accredited institution.
Application for readmission is to be made to the Office of Admissions

14. Additional General Academic Information:

a. Current Schedule book
b. Registered Student Organizations