Pre-College Programs

Ferris State UniversityFerris State University offers several programs that allow high school students to get a jump start on their college education.

Articulated Credit
Articulated Credit is for students enrolled in high schools and secondary career technical centers in the state of Michigan. The articulation agreement outlines specific guidelines for a seamless transfer from one institution to the other. Students use articulation agreements to assure that the courses they complete in high school will not have to be repeated at Ferris State University.

Through articulated agreements between Ferris and the high schools and career centers, students are able to apply for college credit after completing approved career technical education programs. As a result, students are eligible to begin their studies at Ferris State beyond entry-level coursework.

Concurrent Enrollment
Concurrent enrollment courses provide high school students with the opportunity to take college-level courses in high schools. Concurrent enrollment courses mirror the same classes taught on any Ferris State campus. These classes are taught by high school instructors who are approved by FSU faculty. The classes are taught during the normal high school day. Grades from concurrent enrollment classes are included on the student's official college transcript.

Dual Enrollment
Dual enrollment allows secondary students to take college classes while still in high school. Dual enrollment classes are college courses taught by an adjunct or full-time professor at one of the Ferris State locations, online, or in a high school setting. Courses can be used for high school and college credit. Students must meet legislated dual enrollment guidelines and assessment requirements for the courses they want to take. Parents/guardians and/or the student's high school have to accept responsibility for paying for the college course since there is no financial aid available for direct credit or dual enrollment.

Woodbridge Ferris Early College Program
The Woodbridge Ferris Early College Program at Rockford High School is a results of a collaboration between Ferris State University and Rockford High School. This partnership is the first in Michigan between a high school and four-year university which allows students to enroll in university courses and earn general education credit through concurrent enrollment at a high school.

Tips for Success
Ferris State University has put together a list of tips to help students in its pre-college programs succeed in college-level courses.

Other Ways to Earn College Credit
Students planning to attend Ferris State can also earn college credit through Ferris State's Credit-by-Examination program.

Ferris State University's Center for College Readiness

The Center for College Readiness provides programs to help students improve their essential academic and college success skills. Programs also assist in career development in an effort to help students become more successful in college and more likely to achieve their academic and personal goals. The Center for College Readiness partners with high schools, career and technical education centers and intermediate school districts to provide opportunities for students to become college ready prior to entering their freshmen year of college.

The Center for College Readiness initiatives include: