Ferris Magazine: Spring 2013 - page 5

Ferris Looks to the Future
Much of this issue of
Ferris Magazine
is devoted to
considering the future of Ferris State University,
both in terms of our physical campus as well as
the academic and cultural trends we are actively
pursuing. Renovating the Rankin Student Center
into a modern University Center will transform this
facility into something that meets both current and
future needs of our students and community. This
has been a university priority since I first came to
Ferris, and we are very pleased to now create this
modern educational and social resource without
additional costs or fees for our students.
A rich and vibrant campus benefits all of our
students. We see this reflected in the university’s
growth, retention and graduation rates. Our spring
2013 semester set a record for total enrollment, with
13,813 students enrolled university-wide, up 108 over
spring 2012. As a university, we have increasingly
achieved our goal of being the first school of choice
for students. This stems from a combination of
our career-oriented degrees and an environment
that facilitates collaboration between students. If
you walk through our Interdisciplinary Resource
Center corridor any time of day, you will see students
studying and working on projects together in areas
designed exactly for this purpose. The University
Center renovation will take this “classroom outside
the classroom” aspect to a new level.
At Ferris, our student body is becoming more
diverse and international, helping to create a
campus with a broader, more culturally attuned
and globally aware perspective. This is bolstered by
our new Center for Latin@ Studies and our Office
of International Education — both of which are
profiled in these pages. Although the majority of
our students hail from Michigan, a walk across our
campus is an increasingly cosmopolitan experience.
This is important for our students who will be
entering workplaces that also are increasingly diverse
and global.
For Ferris State University, our future does not
happen by chance but, rather, by design. For the past
five years, we have pursued an ambitious strategic
planning agenda, and the strategic planning process
has become an integral part of our DNA at Ferris.
As we look to our future, Provost Fritz Erickson and
English, Literature, and World Languages professor Sandy Balkema
will lead the next envisioning of our strategic future.
This process is centered on our core values and
the way those values connect to our overall goal of
excellence. We look forward to engaging you in this
very important work and reporting back on how it
advances the university.
Each year at commencement, I am very proud of our
graduates, their accomplishments and the challenges
they have overcome to earn their degrees. This issue
Ferris Magazine
reports on some of the remarkable
achievements of our remarkable students. As a
university, we are pushed by those students to
provide an environment in which they can realize
their potential to its fullest extent. If you have not
done so already, I hope you will consider extending
support to current and future Ferris students. There
is an online giving button on the university home
, where you can contribute. Thank
you for making a difference for our students, and
have a wonderful summer.
David L. Eisler
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