Ferris Magazine: Spring 2013 - page 4

Ferris State University prepares
students for successful careers,
responsible citizenship, and
life-long learning. Through its
many partnerships and its career-
oriented, broad-based education,
Ferris serves our rapidly changing
global economy and society.
Core Values
: Ferris contributes
to the advancement of society
by building partnerships with
students, alumni, business and
industry, government bodies,
accrediting agencies, and the
communities the University serves.
: By providing a campus
which is supportive, safe, and
welcoming, Ferris embraces
a diversity of ideas, beliefs,
and cultures.
Ethical Community
: Ferris
recognizes the inherent dignity
of each member of the University
community and treats everyone
with respect. Our actions are
guided by fairness, honesty,
and integrity.
: Committed to
innovation and creativity, Ferris
strives to produce the highest
quality outcomes in all its
: Ferris State University
values education that is career-
oriented, balances theory and
practice, develops critical thinking,
emphasizes active learning,
and fosters responsibility and
the desire for the life-long pursuit
of knowledge.
: Ferris, with a focus
on developing career skills and
knowledge, provides opportunities
for civic engagement, leadership
development, advancement,
and success.
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