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FALL 2013
The Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services has taken
on a “back-to-basics” approach to better prepare Ferris students for
the future.
The recent merger of the offices of Student Leadership and Activities,
and Career Services resulted in a focus on foundational services and
engagement efforts that provide a message of leadership development
and mentorship.
“The decision was made to merge, because we have noticed an increase
in the importance of co-curricular activities and leadership in career
success,” said Angela Roman, the center’s director, pictured above.
“We want to help students understand how involvement will impact
their career and help them find opportunities to be involved so they
have a well-rounded experience.”
The office’s temporary home on the terrace level of Helen Ferris Hall
is designed to be a hub for students to discover what’s happening on
campus and a home for Registered Student Organizations. It will be
permanently located in the new University Center, slated for completion
by December 2014.
Services have been divided into smaller centers within the larger office:
• The Career Center assists students with career planning, resume
writing and interviews, plans Career Week activities and brings
employers to campus to recruit.
• The Leadership Center manages RSOs and provides mentorship
for event planning and member development, provides leadership
workshops, plans Leadership Week, coordinates Greek life
activities and approves new student organizations.
• The Volunteer Center posts volunteer opportunities, records
student volunteer hours and plans philanthropic events.
The center operates two software programs: Bulldog CareerLink
connects students with job opportunities, and OrgSync helps RSOs
manage their organizations and tracks students’ co-curricular
participation to complement their academic transcript and resume.
The center also coordinates Bulldog Beginnings and Homecoming,
advises Entertainment Unlimited (the campus programming board)
and allocates funds from the Finance Division of Student Government.
“This merger allows us to offer more high-quality programming and
development opportunities for our students,” Roman said. “We are
working closely with Academic Affairs to ensure what we are offering
will help students use their classroom knowledge to be involved outside
of the classroom.”
The center’s location should prove beneficial, Roman said.
“We have a lounge, commuter resources, public computers, student
organization resources, RSO mailboxes, employer interview rooms and
more,” she said. “This office is intended to be the place for students to
come to when they want to find out what is happening around campus.”
Merger of Key Offices Provides Better Opportunities
for Leadership Development
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