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Andy Kantar’s
Game Face
Andy Kantar is an English professor and director of the Writing Center at
Ferris. He also is the author of
Game Face
, a laugh-out-loud basketball
story for young adults, illustrated by his wife, Fran. Narrated by eighth-grader
Josh Lumley,
Game Face
is about a team of middle-school misfits from
northern Minnesota, where hockey rules:
I wonder what genius invented ISS. That’s what we call In-School Suspension
at Orville Middle School. Get this. If you’re tardy three times, you have to spend
a day, yeah a whole school day, here in grungy Room 5. I don’t even get my
homework for the day. Could there be anything stupider? This morning, I probably
should have dumped my bowl of oatmeal in the toilet and said it was throw-up.
But Mom’s a nurse so she’s wise to that stuff.
If I could, I’d head straight to the gym, shoot some hoops, and practice my ball-
handling. I guess you could say I’m sort of a basketball junkie. Even though I’m
4’11” and the shortest kid in the eighth grade, I’m the starting point guard on our
basketball team. Of course, that’s not saying much since we’re 0-11. On Friday,
we play our last game against our archrivals, the Deer City Lakers. Actually, we’re
not exactly rivals since the last time we beat them I wasn’t even born — but who’s
keeping track, right?
Kantar holds a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota and has served as
a Fulbright Scholar, lecturing for two years in the graduate school of the
Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
His non-fiction trilogy about the three largest ships to be lost on the Great
Lakes —
29 Missing
Black November
Deadly Voyage
— also served as
a major source in the PBS documentary
November Requiem
Game Face
(2013) was awarded a bronze medal in the 2013 Moonbeam
Children’s Book Awards and is published by Whiskey Creek Press. It is
available at
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