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FALL 2013
Wolverine Power Cooperative has a long history of providing power
supply to its members. The company can trace its roots back to the
Wolverine Electric Company, a generation and transmission electric
cooperative that built original power lines and was headquartered in
Big Rapids in the 1940s.
However, the ties linking Wolverine Power Cooperative, Wolverine
Power Marketing Cooperative and Ferris don’t end with the location
of Wolverine Power Cooperative’s early headquarters or the supply-
and-demand of highly-qualified graduates.
In 2001, shortly after legislation allowed for consumer choice, Wolverine
Power Marketing Cooperative presented Ferris with an opportunity
to become a member at considerable savings to the university. Since
becoming a member, Ferris has enjoyed significant energy cost
reductions — an important part of the university’s larger efforts to keep
operating costs low.
“The value Ferris has received through the relationship with Wolverine
Power Marketing Cooperative through the years is both financial and
technical. Ferris receives low competitive rates,” says Dan Sovinski,
Ferris’ certified energy manager.
“The decision to move forward, away from the norm of traditional,
bundled electricity purchasing was based on obtaining the lowest
electricity costs with the least exposure to risk to Ferris.”
The relationship also involves close monitoring of electricity demand
and usage.
“The electrical staff at Ferris has received in-house safety training from
members of the Michigan Electric Cooperative Association. This has
helped to provide campus planning. The traditional, bundled electricity
purchasing typically does not provide this type of real-time monitoring,”
adds Sovinski, a professional engineer, College of Engineering
Technology instructor and alumnus of Ferris’ Master of Business
Administration Program.
Wolverine Power Marketing Cooperative also is the title sponsor for this
year’s Ferris Foundation Benefit, which supports student scholarships
and faculty project grants, to be held Nov. 1.
For more information about Wolverine Power Cooperative and
Wolverine Power Marketing Cooperative, visit wpsci.com.
A Tradition of Partnership
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