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efficiency. The service learning program and its director, Associate
Professor Arn McIntyre, were awarded a Ferris Foundation Merit
Grant in 2012.
“After graduating from Big Rapids High School in 2010, I came
to Ferris to find a unique program that would provide a promising
career. After hearing about the ESEN program, I was excited to join
the first class,” says Totten.
“What sparked my decision was that Ferris is one of the first
universities to incorporate this program into their curriculum.
Knowing that there will be a demand for these engineers due to
the nation’s increasing energy use, and having my interest in saving
energy, I knew this was the program for me.”
Upon entering the job market, students from Totten’s program will
be well-prepared to take on the technical challenges that come with
increased use of renewable energy supply.
“Ferris has proven to be the correct path for me. The smaller
classes give each student more time to ask questions and grasp the
information each professor is providing. Some of my favorite classes
include interactions with many students in various programs, such
as electrical and mechanical engineering,” Totten adds.
“As I progress through each class, the information from all previous
classes comes together in ‘A-ha!’ moments. Having all the knowledge
come together helps to set that information ‘in stone.’”
Totten is excited for graduation because he anticipates having many
great career opportunities. ESEN graduates are ready to work in
energy production, control and management
“As my graduation date comes closer, my goals start to become more
relevant. As soon as I entered the program, I was interested in wind
energy. My long-term goal is to be the project manager of a large
offshore wind farm on the Great Lakes, and one of my short-term
goals is to provide energy consulting or implement renewables for
residential and commercial consumers,” he explains.
Though he looks forward to success as an in-demand professional,
Totten also sees his job path as a real calling.
“I am extremely excited to enter the industry as it builds. With the
high demand in energy and the diminishing supplies of fossil fuels,
it is important for students at Ferris, like me, to help implement
renewable sources.”
For more information about Ferris’ ESEN, visit
Renewable Resources
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Ferris alumni Cassandra Drys and Scott Frederick, of Wolverine Power Marketing Cooperative, at Heritage Wind Farm in Cadillac, Mich.
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