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camera pans the interior of DeVos Performance Hall,
offering glimpses of the hall’s stage and loge seating before
switching to a close-up of the Grand Rapids Symphony’s
music director, David Lockington. Shot in classic black
and white, Lockington gives an overview of the GRS’ 2013-14 season,
including a concert featuring Mozart’s “Requiem” and another of
Symphonic Dances by American composers, as well as two new series
focused on musical eras and living composers. The video, which also
includes associate conductor John Varineau and footage of featured
performers, is slick, professional and produced by Kevin Thomma,
who was at the time a senior in Ferris’ Television and Digital Media
Production program.
“My favorite part of working with the symphony was being involved
in something bigger than myself,” says Thomma. “Being able to
collaborate, to bring together two different mediums of art together
was extremely fun.”
The key word here is “collaborate.” Last year TDMP students
produced a series of videos for the GRS that included a tour of
DeVos Performance Hall, the importance of philanthropy to the
symphony, and much more. Senior students, who worked in two-
person teams — one as a producer and the other as a camera editor
— had to deliver the completed video within a week.
“They would show a rough edit for the course on Friday, get feedback,
then deliver the product to the client on Monday,” explains Glen
Okonoski, TDMP department chair and associate professor. “So
there were really two stages of approval — first approval for the
course, then from the client. The client interaction is the epitome of
what I like our students to experience in a capstone course, because
they’re under a deadline. Working with the GRS also allowed them to
experience production in a bigger market.”
The capstone course — and especially a real-world project such as
creating promotional videos for an organization as visible as the Grand
Rapid Symphony — is designed to prepare students to handle anything
that gets thrown their way in their first position after graduation. That
has certainly been Thomma’s experience, who is now working at a
company called Video Concepts in Marquette, Mich.
Classic(al) Music Videos
Ferris TDMP students help promote the Grand Rapids Symphony
By Marc Sheehan
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