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FALL 2013
Providing access is important, as collaborative work with faculty can
strengthen students’ connections within Ferris, their programs and
their careers. If you ask faculty members around campus, many of
them will cite a college research experience as a driving factor in their
career direction. It is too soon to know the full impact of the SRF
program on our students, but our student and faculty researchers have
expressed a tremendous amount of excitement. We have always had
an interest in research at Ferris — but with a little extra support, the
momentum and impact are growing.
Student Research Fellows for Summer 2013
Ferris’ Student Research Fellowship Program supports intensive full-
time research projects between faculty and students during the 10-
week summer semester.
Since it began in 2011, students from several disciplines offered at
Ferris have researched a wide range of topics, from architectural
theories to racial tolerance to sunlight’s role in melanoma.
A committee of faculty and administrators selects recipients in what
has become an increasingly competitive process. The following
student research fellows presented projects for summer 2013.
Melanie Ronquillo
of Waterford, Graphic Design major: “Empathy
in Design Research” with faculty mentor Peter Zakrzewski, assistant
professor of Graphic Design (College of Business)
Daniel Tiesman
, of Grand Rapids, Doctor of Pharmacy major:
“Develop a Bariatric In Vitro Dissolution Method” with Kim Hancock,
professor of Pharmaceutics (College of Pharmacy)
Scott Kollmeyer
, of Tustin, Doctor of Pharmacy major: “Determination
of Estriol Concentration in Various Non-Pharmaceutical Preparations
of Topical Estrogen Cream” with faculty mentors Stephen Lee,
associate professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Kim Hancock,
professor of Pharmaceutics (College of Pharmacy)
Trevor Fosso
, of Pennock, Minn., Doctor of Optometry major:
“Investigation of the Common Factors that Contribute to Multifocal
Contact Lens Success” with Amy Dinardo, assistant professor of
Optometry (Michigan College of Optometry)
Tyler Felty
, of Cedar Springs, Psychology major: “Menerva in
Etruscan Art: Warrior-hood, Motherhood, and the Role of Women in
Ancient Tuscany” with Rachel Foulk, assistant professor of Art History
and Humanities (College of Arts and Sciences)
Lauren Clements
, of Alto, Biotechnology major: “Autofluorescent
Melanocyte Damage Probe Test” with James Hoerter, professor of
Biology (College of Arts and Sciences)
Ashley Wachowicz
, of Brant, Biology major: “The Effect of UVB on
UVA-Damaged Regenerated Adult Melanocytes” with James Hoerter,
professor of Biological Sciences (College of Arts and Sciences)
Spencer Crittenden
, of Rockford, Biotechnology major: “The Effect
of Yeast Available Nitrogen (YAN) Level on Fermentation and End
Product Characteristics in Wine and Beer” with Mark Thomson,
associate professor of Chemistry (College of Arts and Sciences)
Shaughna Langerak
, of Howard City, Biotechnology/Environmental
Biology major: “TGF-B Signaling Mediated Aging Process in Adult Fruit
Flies” with Changqui Zhu, associate professor of Biology (College of
Arts and Sciences)
Catherine Plischke
, of Grosse Ile, Pre-Med/Forensic Biology
major: “The Effect of Spinal Cord Injury on Learning and Memory:
Enhancement with Exercise” with Mary Zimmer, associate professor of
Biology (College of Arts and Sciences)
Nathan Richmond
, of Big Rapids, Technical and Professional
Communication major: “Assessments of Content Quality: Comparing
Typed and Voice-to-Text Technologies” with Paul Zube, assistant
professor (College of Arts and Sciences)
For additional information on the Student Research Fellowship
Program, visit
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