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FALL 2013
Nathaniel Bergman was a first-year Pharmacy student when he
started volunteering every Wednesday at the Hope House Free Clinic.
That was four years ago.
“I found that the clinic provided a very rewarding chance to help the
less fortunate in the community,” said Bergman, who continued to
assist as time allowed over the summer, even during his third and
fourth years of Pharmacy school spent away from Big Rapids.
He credits associate professor Jeff Bates with fueling the clinic’s
success as a community service and as a teaching tool for Pharmacy
“I benefitted greatly from my time there,” said Bergman, who
graduated in May and works at Integrated Pharmacy Network in
Midland. “I was able to help those who truly need it, broaden my
knowledge and make many friends.”
He plans to continue to donate his time at the clinic, despite the
distance, and help teach current students who can learn from his
“This clinic provides a huge benefit to the community. There are many
people in and around Big Rapids who cannot afford health care,
and it provides a much-needed service,” Bergman said. “The clinic
also provides a huge learning experience. So many students in the
Pharmacy program have never worked in a pharmacy before, and now
they can get a taste of how one works.
“The Care Clinic is not just a pharmacy — it’s a learning center for
“Not Just a Pharmacy”
Care Clinic doubles as a learning center for students
Associate Professor Jeff Bates supervises student volunteers at Hope House Free Clinic.
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