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lyse Kleifgen is an optometry student with a vision
Kleifgen, a second-year intern in the Michigan College of
Optometry professional program, is among 8,000 people
chosen last summer by the technology giant to try out its
much-anticipated Glass wearable computer. She applied after learning
MCO’s new Vision Research Institute was offering students financial
support for the $1,500 device to explore implications for the eye
care field.
“Students have bright, fertile minds, and we want to harness their
ideas,” said Craig Norman, director of the Vision Research Institute.
“Research is a feather in the cap for an institution, and we want to be
known as a place that gets things done.”
When the VRI posed the offer in an email to MCO students, Kleifgen
was bursting with ideas.
“I immediately thought about how it could be used for research,
during an eye exam to bring up a chart and never have to turn away
from the patient, for diagnosis, as a student in the classroom …,” said
Kleifgen, a Minocqua, Wisc. native who will use Glass to complete
her senior project.
Google created the Explorer program in February to find “bold,
creative individuals” to test Glass before its wide release in 2014.
Applicants were required to use Twitter or Google+ to say, in 50
words or less, how they would use it.
Michigan College of Optometry’s Own Google Glass
Explorer Has Her Eye on Vision Research
By Betsy Musolf
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