Gifts of Stock

Gifts of appreciated property (securities and real estate) held for more than a year may be deductible up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income with no capital gains tax on the appreciation. The deduction is based on the fair market value of the property given.  Consult your tax adviser for specific information.

Gifts of Stock Instructions

In care of: Huntington Investment Company
DTC Number: 0226
Account Name: Ferris State University
Account Number: H6F-108421
Tax ID Number: 38-6005159

Please inform us of the pending transaction:

Karen Thompson
Ferris State University
Investment Officer
Phone: (231) 591-2157
Fax: (231) 591-2975

Monika Repke
Ferris State University
Accountant for Advancement Services
Phone: (231) 591-3849
Fax: (231) 591-5299

Comments of questions can be directed to Karen or Monika. Bill Mokma, Huntington Investment Company, is also available to assist your advisor. He can be reached at (616) 235-6494 or

Thank you for your heartfelt support.

Contact Monika Repke if you have additional questions regarding your stock gift.