Faculty/Staff Information for In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations are gifts of tangible items (e.g. equipment, software, books, artwork, automobiles, educational materials and supplies) that represent value to Ferris State University. We welcome many in-kind gifts and are grateful when donors think of us with this form of philanthropy.

In-kind donations must indeed be tangible property. Unreimbursed expenses such as food, professional services, and limited use of private property are not considered tax-deductible, charitable gifts-in-kind by the IRS. We may receive such gifts, but the donor will not receive a receipt for the in-kind donation from Ferris State University.

If you are a faculty or staff member that has been contacted by a donor about an in-kind donation, please refer to the following:

  • When evaluating the acceptance of in-kind gifts, consider if the gift is needed, wanted, and/or has use within your program/the University or if it can be sold to benefit your program/the University.
  • Consideration should be given to the cost of accepting the gift (e.g., shipping and handling costs, installation charges, licensing fees, etc.), the long-term viability of the gift (e.g., maintenance costs, associated personnel needs, storage fees, insurance rates, copyright issues, etc.), and the resale market if the gift is to be sold.
  • Some gifts, of course, will require paperwork documenting ownership (e.g., a signed title for a car or boat).
  • If an appraisal is required, it must be prepared not earlier than sixty days before the date of contribution and not later than the due date of the tax return, including extensions. The appraisal must be prepared for the donor by a “qualified appraiser.” A qualified appraiser is an individual who regularly appraises property of the nature contributed. The qualified appraiser may be neither the donor, the University, any party to the transaction in which the donor acquired the property, nor anyone related to the donor or the University. The payment of fees associated with the appraisal are required to be made by the donor.
  • Procurement of all equipment and software obtained on consignment for use by University students, faculty, and staff should adhere to the University’s Consignment of Equipment and Software for University Use policy.
  • Any and all in-kind gifts must be recorded through the Advancement Office.

To report your department or program in-kind donations please complete the Notice of Receipt of In-kind Donation form according to the instruction below.

Notice of Receipt of In-Kind Donation FORM

  • This form is NOT to be used for cash gifts. Cash and checks should be sent or delivered to the Advancement Office for deposit. Please follow this link for a convenient fillable form for cash gifts.
  • If you have written an acknowledgement letter to the donor, please attach a copy to the form. When writing to the donor, please DO NOT refer to the value of the gift. The gift will be officially acknowledged by the Advancement Office in a format required by the IRS.
  • Donors who wish to remain anonymous will not be included in any publicity or donor publications.
  • For inventory control purposes, please list each item including model and serial numbers if available. Please include a description of how the equipment/part, etc., are used in your program.
  • After completing the online form, click on the print button to print a copy of the form, then submit the form by clicking on the email button.
  • Forward your completed form with back-up documentation to the Advancement Office at PRK 101 for official University acceptance and acknowledgment.
  • After processing, copies will be distributed in the following manner:
    • Official copy to the donor with the acknowledgment letter
    • Property control
    • Department reporting the gift

If you have any questions, please contact the Advancement Office at 231-591-3849.