Woodbridge N. Ferris Society

Woodbridge N. Ferris was a visionary who believed all people deserve the opportunity to succeed.  In a 1916 speech to the Michigan Pioneer Historical Society, he famously said "My plea in Michigan - and it will be my plea to the last breath I draw, and the last word I speak - is education for all children, all men, and all women of Michigan, all the people in all our states all the time.

The Woodbridge N. Ferris Society boasts members with those same ideals whose $1 million cumulative gift is an investment that fosters growth, fuels progress and transforms lives.

In gratitude for that generosity, the university recognizes the knowledge and experience of donors as essential to its progress. Stewardship is discussed on a case-by-case basis, in addition to the benefits of membership in the Crimson and Gold, Annual Leadership, Presidents, Founders, Old Main, Phoenix, Carillon Legacy and Helen Gillespie Ferris societies.

Please contact Destiny Gorby for more information about the Woodbridge N. Ferris Society.