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Examples of Michigan financial aid include:
• Tuition Incentive Program (TIP)
• Michigan Competitive Scholarship
Examples of institutional financial aid include:
• Ferris Grant
• Ferris Work Study
• Scholarships
How to apply for financial aid
To apply for financial aid you must complete a Free
Application for Federal Student Aid each year, list Ferris
State University on the FAFSA and be admitted to a
degree-granting program at Ferris State University.
Ideally, you should complete the FAFSA as soon after
Jan. 1 as possible. If your (and/or your parents’) tax returns
are not complete in early January, we recommend that
you estimate your income using W2s and prior years’ tax
returns. Make sure your estimated adjusted gross income
accurately reflects any significant changes to your 2013
income. If you use estimated tax data, you may edit your
FAFSA once your tax returns have been processed by
the Internal Revenue Service and link directly to the IRS
database to update your tax information. Linking directly
to the IRS database will reduce documentation that you
may be required to provide to the Office of Scholarships
and Financial Aid later in the process. If it is not possible
for you to complete the FAFSA process in January, you are
encouraged to do so as soon as possible thereafter.
You are encouraged to complete the FAFSA process early
because some forms of aid are very limited. These limited
funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to
students who meet eligibility requirements for these funds.
Completing the application process early will ensure that
you are considered for every form of aid for which you
are eligible.
Complete Your FAFSA
1. Apply for a personal identification number (PIN) at
. Keep this PIN in a safe place, as
you will need it again in the future. The PIN is your
electronic signature for federal aid and is used to sign
your FAFSA electronically. If you are a dependent
student, one of your parents also will need to apply for
their own PIN, as a parent’s signature is required on
the FAFSA.
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