Community College Payment

Payment to the community college for any tuition, fees, books, etc. is your sole responsibility.

Your financial aid will apply to your FSU charges first. If applicable, a refund will be issued to you for any remaining funds.

Your community college is NOT required to hold your classes because you are a Ferris consortium student. You must check with the Financial Aid Office at your approved community college to see if they hold classes based on an anticipated refund from Ferris.

Ferris State University does NOT directly pay any charges at the community college. Once you receive your refund from FSU you must go to your community college and pay your bill (if you had not submitted payment to them by their due date).

IMPORTANT NOTE: In most cases, Ferris’ refund date will be after your community college’s bill due date, so you should be prepared to pay out of pocket for your tuition, fees, etc. at the community college prior to getting your Ferris refund.