Housing Security Programs

A primary responsibility of living in campus housing is to work toward a sense of community and responsibility for safety within on-campus housing. The Ferris community encourages its members to be alert and to personally help deter crime. The goal is to discourage potential crimes and encourage a more caring and responsible community environment.

Secure Materials
All students are given access to several items that should be kept secure at all times:  Student ID, room key, mailbox key or combination, laundry vending card and telephone authorization code.  It is expected that the student take proper precautions to ensure the security of these items.

  1. Student ID Cards
    • When coming to FSU for the first time, each student is issued a picture ID card (Student ID card). This ID serves as a key to access many campus services:  meal plans, Dining Dollars, housing door access, library account, and much more.
    • Students are required to carry their ID card and display this card upon request by any University official.  Allowing another person to use their ID, for any reason, is a violation of University policy.
    • Fraudulent use of a Student ID will result in the immediate confiscation of the ID card by a University staff member. The cardholder is assessed a fee for any lost, stolen, or misused ID cards. Misuse of a Student ID Card will result in disciplinary action for all parties involved.
    • A lost Student ID card should be reported to the Timme Student Services Carding Office immediately, 24 hours a day, at 591-5241. Students accept full liability for any debit transactions posted to their account prior to notifying Timme Student Services Carding Office. There is a charge for misuse, replacement and any lost or stolen Student ID Card.

  2. Keys 

    Students are fully responsible for their room and mail keys. Replacement of a lost key is a minimum of $45. Students may possess only one room key at a time, and may not duplicate or disseminate that key. Students should carry their keys at all times. Staff are not required to key students into their rooms.  Students may not loan or give their key to another person for any reason.

Programs and Resources

  1. Bicycle Registration

    Department of Public Safety offers free bicycle registration. Contact DPS for more information.

  2. Card Access Readers 

    Card Access Readers are provided in buildings. This is a security measure designed to permit resident access to perimeter doors while restricting access to non-residents. Residents are prohibited from allowing others to use their card to gain entry into a building or permitting non-residents access to the building.

  3. Campus Crime Hotline

    If you have any information regarding crimes on campus, please call x5900. Anonymous tips are welcome.

  4. Emergency Phones 
    Emergency phones have been placed at various locations on campus and are marked by a blue light. These phones put you in immediate contact with the Department of Public Safety and automatically register your location. Calls will be answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  5. Foot Patrol
    The Department of Public Safety (DPS) usually provides Foot Patrol services nearly every night for the safety of the students on campus. Foot Patrol reports suspicious or disruptive activity to DPS Officers. One unit continuously patrols the grounds on campus, while the other patrols the living units.
  6. Insurance & Liability
    Ferris State University does not provide health insurance for students, and is not liable for the loss of, or damage to, students’ personal possessions. Students are strongly encouraged to carry private insurance on personal possessions. Such insurance is available through most homeowner’s policies or individual renter’s insurance policies. Students without medical insurance coverage through their family or employment may purchase health and accident insurance through the University’s Birkam Health Center. This insurance is underwritten and administered by private companies. Information on rates and coverage is available by writing the Birkam Health Center, 1019 Campus Drive, Big Rapids, MI 49307-2280, or calling (231) 591-2614.
  7. Operation ID 
    To help identify items that may be stolen (i.e., TVs, VCRs, stereos, etc.), students are encouraged to engrave them with their driver’s license number. Engravers are available at the Department of Public Safety.
  8. Peep Holes 
    Most residence doors are provided with a peephole to enable residents to identify who is at their door prior to unlocking or opening the door.
  9. Safety Sticks 
    Ground floor windows in residence hall rooms are secured with an additional safety stick to prevent opening from the outside.