Fire Safety & Security

The University is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment in our residential communities while respecting and preserving individual rights. In order to manage this delicate balance, the University has developed policies and procedures to which all residents should comply.

Included below are the expectations regarding the use of personal and University facilities as they relate to fire safety issues. The University recognizes that these policies may cause individual inconvenience. The policies are intended to protect the health and welfare of the larger community. Any activity that could potentially compromise fire safety is a violation of policy. Withholding information/evidence concerning a fire is a serious offense.

1. Appliances

  1. Prohibited Items:Those appliances with exposed elements such as medusa lamps, toasters, toaster ovens, pizza ovens, etc. or heated oil such as deep fryers, etc. pose a safety hazard and are not permitted in residence halls. Candle warmers are also prohibited. Toasters and toaster ovens are permitted in East Campus Suites.
  2. Microwaves:The University restricts the size to a maximum of 750 watts per residence hall room or suite.
  3. Refrigerators:The University restricts the size to a maximum of 4.6 cubic feet per room. The East Campus Suites and apartments are provided with the acceptable refrigerator.

2. Electrical/Lighting

  1. Extension Cords/Surge Protectors:To help protect equipment and prevent electrical fires, all electrical cords must be kept visible and out of walkways. Electrical cords may not be run under rugs or over doorways, and wires may not be hung from the ceiling or pipes.
  2. Halogen Lamps: Halogen lamps are not permitted due to fire risk.
  3. Overhead Lighting:Students are prohibited from installing a black light into the overhead light fixture or otherwise tampering with, altering or covering the light fixtures in any way.

3. Flammable Materials and Incendiary Devices

  1. Candles, incense, or open flames:Candles, decorative or otherwise are not permitted in any campus housing unit. Incense and other items that generate open flame are prohibited. Melted wax, burned wicks, etc., may be considered a violation of this policy. Behaviors that create or present the possibility of creating a fire such as burning candles, incense, igniting door decorations, posters or other materials regardless of intention, is considered a serious offense that could result in suspension or dismissal from the University.
  2. Fireworks:All fireworks are prohibited on campus.
  3. Flammable Materials:Possession of materials or containers holding fluids used for igniting fires is prohibited. Prohibited fluids include, but are not limited to, charcoal lighter, gasoline, propane, and cigarette lighter refueling containers. Possession or storage of motorcycles, motor bikes, or other motorized vehicles is strictly prohibited in University Housing.

4. Room/Building Safety

  1. Hanging Objects: Objects hung from any ceiling, ceiling light fixture, smoke detector, or any exposed pipe are prohibited.
  2. Obstruction of Egress: Students are prohibited from blocking or otherwise obstructing internal or external access to room doors or windows for safety reasons and emergency evacuation needs.
  3. Obstruction of Heating/Ventilation Systems: Students are prohibited from blocking or otherwise obstructing access to heating or ventilation systems. Furniture must be at least 12 inches away from all heaters or vents and must not block access to either heater or vents.
  4. Pipes: Students are not permitted to tamper with or hang any items from pipes in their rooms. Stress on pipes may cause structural damage resulting in severe water leakage.
  5. Propping Doors: Residents may not prop any residence hall or suite door intended to remain closed and/or locked for safety and security reasons. Propped doors compromise the safety and security measures they are designed to meet, including fire safety.
  6. Room Door Decorations: Students are not permitted to decorate their doors in any way (inside or out). Materials hung on the door constitute a fire hazard. Artwork on doors, such as painting, drawing, or etching will be considered destruction/damage of property.
    • Residence Hall decorations that can be affixed by masking tape will be permitted only on the concrete area surrounding the doorframe.
    • Weather stripping is not permitted.
    • Residents are responsible for any damage that may result from putting tape or other adhesives on walls or door frames.
    • Excessive decorations, as determined by Housing staff, are not permitted, as this may constitute a fire hazard.

5. Fire Safety

  1. Fire Safety and Fire Safety Equipment
    • Fire Safety equipment is provided to help ensure everyone’s safety. Tampering with alarms, extinguishers, or smoke detectors is a violation of local, state, and federal laws, as well as a violation of University policies.
    • Students will be billed a minimum of $200 for any damages found through annual inspections of the smoke detectors.
    • Covering or otherwise obstructing a smoke detector is prohibited.
    • Any activity that could potentially compromise fire safety is a violation of policy.
    • Withholding information/evidence concerning a fire is a serious offense.
  2. Fire Evacuation: When fire alarms are activated, including during scheduled fire drills, all occupants must evacuate the building. Residents must wait outside the building until a member of the staff indicates they may return. Failure to evacuate during a fire alarm is a serious violation of University policy.
  3. Smoke Detectors: To enhance the safety and well being of all students, the University has installed smoke detectors in each room, suite, and apartment.
  4. Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in University Housing. Students must stand well away (minimum of 25 feet) from all buildings while smoking outside.